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Our Story

Hi, I’m Payton! 
In December of 2017, we welcomed our daughter, Ivory, and we were introduced to the world of parenting. It started out with frustration and stress trying to find toys that she seemed to be interested in and that were helping her develop. It then turned into a passion for high quality toys that are responsibly and ethically made, and make a difference in our home, our community and around the world.
Working as a wellness facilitator for Mamas for Mamas helped me realize I was not alone in this. In fact, many parents I met were feeling the same way but were not sure where to turn, or how to incorporate these toys into their home and their child's life. Parents want to know where the toys are coming from, what they are made from, and what environmental impact they have when they are put into their little one's precious hands. My Papa also believes in this idea and decided he would help with my dream. He always used to say 'Do things that make your heart feel good.'
I believe that parents are becoming more conscious of what is in their child's environment. We want to help them change to make a difference in the world.

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